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Bishi Bashi Championship Mini Game Senshuken (ver JAA, 3 Players)

0.76 [R. Belmont]


- 0.99u2: R. Belmont hooked up the mask ROM tests in the service menu - both the tile character ROMS and the sound ROMs now can be tested, added secondary control register, hooked up IRQ control and renamed ROMs for both games to include PCB location information.

- 2nd November 2003: Angelo Salese fixed the colors in Bishi Bashi Champ, but the graphics are still mostly corrupted.

- 22nd October 2003: R. Belmont (WIP) fixed a few minor things in Bishi Bashi, added interrupts and a few more opcodes to the Mitsu M377xx core (which will eventually drive sound in Super System 22 games like Prop Cycle, among other things).

- 16th October 2003: R. Belmont sent in a driver for 'Bishi Bashi Champ Mini Game Senshuken', it's playable with sound but some graphics are wrong possibly due to a bad ROM.

- 6th July 2003: R. Belmont (WIP) put a few hours into a driver for 'Bishi Bashi Champ Mini Game Senshuken' (1996, Konami). It's basically a stripped down MW/GX-based mini-board with some rather unKonami-like features outside of the video hardware. Go figure. It passes the ram/rom test and runs now, but inputs, colors, and the tilemap decoding are all incorrect. Ongoing... (Update: Haze helped with the tile decoding, so I'll post some very early screens...).

Romset: 5120 kb / 10 files / 2.57 zip