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0.34b1 [Steven Frew, Phil Stroffolino, Paul Leaman]


- Finish video driver: Some attributes are unknown. I don't remember the original game but seems there are some problems: misplaced sprites ? ( see beginning of level 1 or 2 for example ), sprite / sprite priority ? ( see level 2 the reflectors ), sprite / background priority ? ( see level 1: birds walk through branches of different trees ) and see the beginning of level 3: is the background screwed ?

- Get rid of input port hack: Controls appear to be mapped at 0xFE4000, alongside dipswitches, but there is something strange going on that I can't (yet) figure out. Player controls and coin inputs are supposed to magically appear at 0xFFFFFB (coin/start) 0xFFFFFD (player 2) 0xFFFFFF (player 1). This is probably done by an MPU on the board (whose ROM is not available).

- The MPU also takes care of the commands for the sound CPU, which are stored at FFFFF9.

- IRQ4 seems to be control related. On each interrupt, it reads 0xFE4000 (coin/start), shift the bits around and move the resulting byte into a dword RAM location. The dword RAM location is rotated by 8 bits each time this happens. This is probably done to be pedantic about coin insertions (might be protection related). In fact, currently coin insertions are not consistently recognized.


- Euro rom labels (IE: "TSE") had a blue stripe, while those labeled as USA (TSU) had an red stripe on the sticker. The intermixing of TSE and TSU roms in the parent set is correct and verified.

- Euro set simply states the game cannot be operated in Japan...


- 12th October 2000: Bryan McPhail fixed Bionic Commando sprite colors.

- 6th August 2000: Nicola Salmoria implemented correct tile/sprite priority system in Bionic Commando.

- 0.34b1: Added bionicc.c driver.