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0.103u2 [ReAnimator / AGEMame]


- Need to find the 'missing' game numbers.


- 0.112u1: James Wallace verified and improved stepper behavior based on comparison with a real machine.

- 0.111u5: James Wallace cleaned up memory maps in the BFM driver.

- 0.111u4: James Wallace added support for the lamp matrix to the video callback in the Scorpion 2 driver and updated lamps and inputs to better fit the new UI. VFD support has been moved to a configuration switch, as the output is actually always occurring - the switch mimics the effect of plugging in or removing the VFD from the control point.

- 0.111u3: James Wallace added save state support to the steppermotor emulation module (machinesteppers.c).

- 0.109: El Condor made MSC1937 operation more accurately match datasheet and wiring diagram. Added indexed getters to the output system to match the newly introduced setters.

- 0.108u4: El Condor added support for reverse-order entry in the BFM code.

- 0.108u2: El Condor cleaned up the vacfdisp module to display 14 and 16 segment displays. Added a separate character set for the OKI MSC1937. Changes Bellfruit-Scorpion 2 to the new system. Tidied up the 6840 emulator a bit.

- 0.107u4: El Condor converted the VFD display in the BFM games to use a second screen rather than hacking onto the main screen. Added added dualscreen support (400x280, 288x29).

- 0.105u5: More improvements to the BFM driver and the 6840 timer emulation [El Condor].

- 0.105u4: El Condor cleaned up 6840 implementation and revised the Bellfruit Scorpion 2 driver's handling of unmapped regions.

- 0.104u5: El Condor cleaned up video system in Bellfruit Scorpion 2 driver.

- 0.104u4: El Condor changed the ROM banking of the Bellfruit 'Adder' card to the new standard, as well as tidying up the MPU4 emulation with some new information.

- 0.104u1: El Condor hooked up 16-segment writes to the bfm_adr2 driver.

- 0.104: El Condor added 16-segment drawing code to the machinevacfdisp module (Vacuum Fluorescence Display).

- 0.103u3: El Condor cleaned up inputs in the Bellfruit scorpion2/3 driver.