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0.29 [Zsolt Vasvari, Christopher Kirmse]


- Original sound driver by Alex Judd and new driver by Aaron Giles, R. Belmont and Lord Nightmare.


- 0.103u1: Major cleanup/rewrite of the Berzerk driver [smf]: Merged memory & io read/write maps. Video ram & magic ram share the same memory. Hooked up nvram in frenzy memory map. Emulates magic ram shifter/flopper with 9 74LS153's as per the schematics. Emulates magic ram alu with 2 74LS181's hardwired to logic mode as per the schematics. 74LS181 emulation based on the logic diagram from the datasheet, supporting logic mode & arithmetic mode.

- 15th May 2002: Zsolt Vasvari cleaned up the Berzerk driver.

- 0.29: Added berzerk.c driver.