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unknown fighting game 'BB' (prototype)

0.68 [?]


- 'BB' Prototype isn't a game as such, 'BB' was the label on the prototype board. which appears to have been used simply for testings / practice. There is no 'game' to it, no title screen, simply 3 characters, 1 portrait, 1 background, the characters don't appear to have any moves other than basic walking around. There is also no sound. The lack of Sound, GFX and Gameplay in this 'game' are NOT emulation bugs. There are some unused GFX in the roms, it might be interesting to try and put them together and see what they form.


- 0.92: Tomasz Slanina hooked up sound cpu. Added MSM6295 (8080 Hz) sound.

- 0.68: Added Untitled Fighter 'BB' (prototype) - unknown manufacturer.

Romset: 10752 kb / 21 files / 2.42 zip