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Bay Route (set 3, World, FD1094 317-0116)

0.36b2 [Andrew Prime]


* Wanted: 317-0114 FD1094 CPU


- 0.92: Renamed (bayroute) to clone (bayrout1), (bayrouta) to (bayroute) and (bayroutb) to (bayroutj).

- 0.91u2: Replaced cpu2 roms with fake roms.

- 0.90: Chris Hardy added the missing roms to clone Bay Route (Japan, FD1094 317-0115).

- 0.89u1: Added clone Bay Route (set 3, FD1094 317-0115) and 317-0116.key to (set 2). Added dipswitches 'Allow Continue', 'Demo Sounds' and 'Difficulty'.

- 25th November 2004: Thierry Lescot - Dumped the cpus from Where's Wally?, Bay Route (set 2), Alien Storm (317-0148) and Shinobi (set 2).

- 15th March 2004: Charles MacDonald cleaned up altbeast, riotcity, bayroute and aurails (no junk in error logs, took care of unused inputs/outputs, etc.). Migrated aurail, riotcity, bayroute to use sys16_sprite_shinobi.

- 0.36b2: Andrew Prime added Bay Route (set 1) (Sunsoft / Sega 1989) and clones (set 2), (bootleg set 1) and (bootleg set 2).

- 3rd August 1999: Andrew Prime sent in a huge System 16 driver update, with Hang-On graphics fixed and working drivers for Bay Route, Outrun, Space Harrier and Super Hang-On.


Category: Army Fighter

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Romset: 1512 kb / 15 files / 638 zip