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0.61 [David Haywood]


- Missing starfield

- Game speed, its seems to be controlled by the IRQ's, how fast should it be? Firing seems frustratingly inconsistant

- Colors match Tim's screen shots, but there's no guarantee RGB are in the correct order.


- I don't know exactly how to call the "Free Play" Dip Switch 8( It's effect is the following : * you need to insert at least one credit and start a game and * when the game is over, you can start another games WITHOUT inserting another coins. Note that the number of credits is decremented though. Credits are BCD coded on 3 bytes (0x000000-0x999999) at addresses 0xa039 (LSB), 0xa03a and 0xa03b (MSB), but only the LSB is displayed.

- Setting the flipscreen dip to ON also hides the copyright message (?).