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0.37b2 [Bryan McPhail]


- Priority is wrong for the submarine at the end of level 1.

- There seems to be a bug with a stuck note from the YM2203 FM channel at the start of scene 3 and near the ending when your characters are flying over a forest in a helicopter.


- This board is a modified PC-Engine PCB, differences from PC-Engine console: Input ports are different (2 dips, 2 joysticks, 1 coin port), Interface-to-palette chip is different, palette data is the same. Extra sound chips, and extra processor to drive them. Twice as much VRAM.


- The vidhrdw driver only implements necessary features - not all PC-Engine video features are used in this game (no DMA for one).


- 6th May 2006: Charles MacDonald - I've been doing *tons* of work on the PC-Engine chipset, including tests on several consoles and a Bloody Wolf PCB to see how the VDC operates without the VCE influencing it's timing. I also revamped my PCE development card and will see if the USB glitches can be fixed, which should allow some serious research to begin. Of course in the meantime I can just play games on it which is fine.

- 0.103u1: Many H6280/PCE fixes [Rob Bohms, Charles MacDonald]: Fixed cases where sprites could render outside of the buffer. Added VRAM to VRAM DMA (Charles). Multiple h6280 fixes (Charles). Provided functions to correctly handle VRAM accesses for the entire 128K range (Charles). Added some of the I/O buffer bits from the hardware page. Fixed h6280 IRQ ranges to support proper mirroring. Hooked up h6280 IRQs to the PC Engine. Fixed sprite-to-sprite rendering priorities. Partially enforce 16 sprite limit.

- 0.98u2: Aaron Giles replaced direct access to Machine->scrbitmap in the following drivers with the use of force_partial_update(): m92.c, m107.c, astrocde.c, battlera.c and snes.c.

- 0.37b2: Added battlera.c driver.

- 4th May 2000: Bryan McPhail sent in a driver for Battle Rangers / Bloody Wolf.