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Battle Rangers (World)

0.37b2 [Bryan McPhail]


- When you are fighting agains the first final boss (the submarine), you can see it even if it is under the water. Maybe a sprite priority problem or maybe a shadow/highlight effect not implemented. See screen shot. Also, in this game, in the vertical scrolling levels, if you move down, you can see the top score table appearing suddenly in the down side of the screen. Update in 0.101: topscore table bug seems fixed (RansAckeR). battlera37b2gre Lord Caos

- Sprites in the same plave where the black box with text that appears sometimes are printed in front of them. Is this how it should be? (sometimes is hard to read the text). Also, in the last level, when you are fighting against the final boss (the big Chopper), you can see it even when it goes down behind the mountain. It seems to be the same problem as with the submarine in the first level). battlera37b3gre Lord Caos

- bldwolf, battlera: Down red arrows aren't drawn correctly. The top part is drawn on the bottom and the bottom part is drawn at the top (see snapshot). bldwolf061gre Kale


- 0.67: Added HuC6280 (3579545 Hz) stereo music.

- 1st April 2003: Charles MacDonald submitted a HuC6280 sound chip emulator and added support for it in the Battle Rangers / Bloody Wolf driver.

- 0.37b2: Bryan McPhail added Battle Rangers (World) (Data East 1988) and clone Bloody Wolf (US). This board is a modified PC-Engine PCB, differences from PC-Engine console: Input ports are different (2 dips, 2 joysticks, 1 coin port). Interface_ to palette chip is different, palette data is the same. Extra sound chips, and extra processor to drive them. Twice as much VRAM. TODO: Priority is wrong for the submarine at the end of level 1. Music (HuC6280 sound).

- 4th May 2000: Bryan McPhail sent in a driver for Battle Rangers / Bloody Wolf.


Category: Army Fighter

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Romset: 640 kb / 10 files / 276 zip