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Bang Bang Ball (v1.05)

0.37b15 [Luca Elia]

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- When you finish a level,sometimes the game runs like slow-motion. Returns it to normal when you arrive at next level. It looked like it was running at about 0.25fps, but could have been 1fps, as the fade seemed to be as that speed. The mame FPS display remained at 100% throughout this experience. Update: I've discovered that this happens when you press any button during transitions. bangball37b15gre Kale


- 0.105u1: f205v and Corrado Tomaselli added clone Battle Bubble (v2.00). Brian Troha fixed dipswitches in Battle Bubble. Added 'Language' dipswitch to Bang Bang Ball.

- 6th April 2006: David Haywood - Despite being Korean I'm tempted to say this looks like a licensed version of Bang Bang Ball. At least the board doesn't look much like a bootleg having original graphics and sound chips rather than the standard bootleg clone chips. The memory map has changed, but the game is the same, but with different graphics.

- 0.62: Added YMF278B stereo sound and 2MB sound1 rom.

- 13th August 2002: Olivier Galibert added the YMF278B sound emulation to Bang Bang Ball and Bal Cube.

- 17th May 2001: Luca Elia added Bang Bang Ball to the Metro driver.


Category: Puzzle Bobble

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Romset: 7168 kb / 8 files / 4.05 zip