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Baku Baku Animal (J 950407 V1.000)

0.76u1 [David Haywood]

0.74u2 [?]


- 0.99u8: Mariusz Wojcieszek fixed VDP2 bitmaps scrolling and more, this fixes bad gfx in Baku Baku Animal intro.

- 0.96: Angelo Salese removed the Baku Baku Animal hack since it's not needed anymore (dunno when this was fixed).

- 24th October 2003: David Haywood sent in another ST-V update that improves graphics emulation and fixes the colors in Baku Baku Animal.

- 23rd October 2003: David Haywood sent in an update to the ST-V driver, making Baku Baku Animal playable.

Romset: 17408 kb / 5 files / 5.47 zip