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0.35b1 [Mike Balfour, Patrick Lawrence, Brad Oliver]


- The down marker sprite is multiplexed so that it will be drawn at the top and bottom of the screen. We fake this feature. Additionally, we draw it at a different location which seems to make more sense.

- The play which is chosen is drawn in text at the top of the screen; no backdrop/overlay is supported yet. High quality artwork would be appreciated.

- I'm not good at reading the schematics, so I'm unsure about the exact vblank duration. I'm pretty sure it is one of two values though.

- The 4-player variation is slightly broken. I'm unsure of the LED multiplexing.+


- 25th November 1999: Brad Oliver sent in a driver for Atari Soccer, but it's missing sound and a graphics ROM.

- 0.35b1: Added atarifb.c driver.