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0.30 [Brad Oliver]


- Check the following Taito sets (adresses, routines and Dip Switches): 'arkanoid' = 'arknoiuo', 'arknoidj', 'arknoidu' and 'arkatour'

- Add more notes about main addresses and routines in the Z80.

- Try to understand the problem with the MCU in the following sets: 'arkmcubl' and 'ark1ball'.


- Most if not all Arkanoid sets have a bug in their game code. It occurs on the final level where the player has to dodge falling objects. The bug resides in the collision detection routine which sometimes reads from unmapped addresses above $F000. For these addresses it is vital to read zero values, or else the player will die for no reason.


- 0.82u2: Curt Coder merged the memory maps and moved paddle2 trickery to machine/arkanoid.c.

- 0.20: Added arkanoid.c driver.