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Arkanoid (World)

0.34b8 [?]

0.30 [Brad Oliver]


- arkanoid, arkatour: Music & Sounds in the sound test of the Service Mode plays at twice the speed/tempo of in the game. Update: PCB test: I figured it out, dip switch 6 puts you in test mode. On sound 0A I ran a stopwatch 4 times on the computer and got 3.3x seconds, on my machine 4 times I got 3.8x-3.9x seconds. So it's not twice as fast but it's noticably faster. Update: It seems a CPU clock speed problem. Setting it to about 4.5-4.8 Mhz fixes it. arkanoidc059gre ZeroKnightRaiden / dwidel / Kale

- When you press the tilt button the "tilt" text will show for a short while and then it says "bad hardware". Thanks to the (some parts unemulated) protection in Arkanoid, the "BAD HARDWARE" message appears, probably since the protection routines in the driver get confused with that kind of a reset. Assuming that the machine does get back to normal after the TILT mech goes off (like most games), this is indeed a bug. arkanoid061gre JonasPersson / The tECHIDNA

Possible Bugs:

- Clone arkatour: There is a black block in the title screen. Is it supposed to be there? If you hit the coin button for the first time you see it flash once and it is filled with same gfx as the rest of the screen. arkatour079gre Friewave


- 0.108u4: Steph added many more notes/info to the Arkanoid driver and added clones Arkanoid (bootleg with MCU, harder), Arkanoid (Game Corporation bootleg, set 2) and Arkanoid (Tayto bootleg). Renamed (arkatayt) to (arktayt2).

- 0.108u3: Renamed (arkbl2) to (arkmcubl), (arkbl3) to (arkgcbl), (arkbloc2) to (arkblock) and (arkblock) to (arkbloc2). Big update to the Arkanoid driver which improves emulation of some bootlegs [Steph]: Interverted 'arkblock' and 'arkbloc2' sets for better comparaison. Renamed sets. Changed some games descriptions. Removed flags from the following sets: arkbloc2, arkgcbl and paddle2.

- 0.106u3: Fixed rom names in clone (Tayto bootleg, Japanese).

- 0.105u4: Fixed rom names in Arkanoid.

- 0.104u4: Adam Bousley added save states to the Arkanoid driver.

- 17th June 2003: Angelo Salese added preliminary MCU simulation to Paddle 2, but it still has some issues.

- 0.69: Stephane Humbert added clone Arkanoid (US, older).

- 15th July 2002: Stephane Humbert added another version of Arkanoid.

- 7th July 2002: Smitdogg and Dave Widel fixed the sprite placement in Dig Dug and added a clone of Arkanoid.

- 0.60: Added clones Arkanoid (Japan bootleg Set 3), Block (bootleg, Japan) and Paddle 2.

- 20th April 2001: Stefan Jokisch fixed a bug in the Arkanoid driver that caused instant deaths in the last level.

- 0.37b5: Added clone Tournament Arkanoid (US).

- 12th June 2000: Kieron Wilkinson added the Tournament Arkanoid romset to the Arkanoid driver.

- 1st April 2000: Guru - Dumped Tournament Arkanoid (Taito 1987, Romstar License).

- 0.36b4: Highwayman added clone Block (Game Corporation bootleg). Added TESTDRIVER Block (bootleg 1986, Japanese) and Block (Game Corporation bootleg 1986).

- 0.35: Nicola Salmoria fixed later levels in Arkanoid (US). Added clones Arkanoid (Japan) and Arkanoid (Game Corporation bootleg). Fixed cpu2 rom ($0) length from 1920 to 2048.

- 24th June 1999: Nicola added made-up 68705 roms to Arkanoid's US and Japan versions, which fixes the later levels.

- 24th April 1999: Roberto Fresca added an Arkanoid version with round selector.

- 0.35b6: Replaced M6805 CPU2 with M68705.

- 0.34b8: Changed description from 'Arkanoid (Taito)' to 'Arkanoid (World)' and 'Arkanoid (Romstar)' to 'Arkanoid (USA). Added clones Arkanoid (Japanese bootleg Set 3) (Testdriver) and Block (bootleg, Japanese) (Testdriver).

- 0.33b7: Removed Arkanoid (BETA bootleg) from MAME.

- 0.31: Thierry Lescot added clones Arkanoid (BETA bootleg) and (Tayto bootleg). Aaron Giles added clone Arkanoid (Bootleg). Due to a missing image for the 68705 microcontroller, the BETA bootleg doesn't work. Due to features of the 68705 not emulated yet, the "arkbl2" bootleg set doesn't work. Since it doesn't have to emulate the 68705, the Tayto bootleg is faster than the other versions. Dual paddle in cocktail mode is not supported.

- 0.30: Brad Oliver added Arkanoid (Taito 1986) and clone (U.S. Romstar). Not playable.


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