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0.37b10 [Yochizo]


- Half transparent color (50% alpha blending) is not emulated.

- Sprite priority switch of Butasan is shown in test mode. What will be happened when set it ? JFF is not implemented this mistery switch too.

- In Butasan, text layer will corrupt completely when you take a special item.

- Data proms of Butasan does exist. But I don't know what is used for.

- Though clock speed of Argus is actually 4 MHz, major sprite problems are broken out in the middle of slowdown. So, it is set 5 MHz now.

- Sprite locations of Argus delay around 1 or 2 frames when horizontal scroll occurs.


- Things which are not emulated: Color $000 - 00f, $01e, $02e ... are half transparent color. Sprite priority bit may be present in Butasan. But I don't know what is happened when it is set.


- 28th September 2005: Andrew Gardner - An anonymous helper pointed me to a website for Argus, clearly showing that my implementation was lacking. From this wee tidbit of information, i was able to derive (with the help of someone who is familiar with similar blend chips) how the chip does its thing. I'm missing what a single bit does, but it may have something to do with overall intensity, and that's tough to check based on screen shots taken with various monitors at various gamma settings. Maybe I'll get a real PCB someday so as to do more verification or actually put the chip through its paces.

- 18th September 2005: Andrew Gardner - Pierpaolo pointed me to the argus.c driver. He guessed it had similar palette behaviour as Psychic 5. His guess was correct, and now Argus, Butasan and Valtric have a preliminary implementation of 'additive' blending. I've also figured out that a palette value of 0xf in the blend chip means darkening instead of additive blending, but I still can't be sure without shots from a real PCB (Argus and Psychic 5 would be the most helpful).

- 18th December 2000: Yochizo fixed a small dip switch problem in Argus.

- 17th December 2000: Yochizo sent in an update to the Argus driver, adding Butasan, and he fixed Syvalion dip switch settings.

- 5th December 2000: Yochizo added proper support for Argus, so it is now playable.

- 24th November 2000: Yochizo sent in a driver for Argus and Valtric, but Argus is not working properly yet.