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0.58 [David Haywood]


- Decrypt Space Position Somehow

- Unknown Reads / Writes

- Whats the Prom for? nothing important?

- Clock Speeds etc.

- Is the level order correct?

- The progress sprite on the side of the screen re-appears at the bottom when you get to the top, but the wrap-around is needed for other things, actual game bug?


- Driver by David Haywood with some help from Steph (DSWs, Inputs, other bits here and there).

- Hardware: 2 Board System, uses boards Nasco X090-PC-A and X090-PC-B.

- Angel Kids/Space PositionBoth: Both games appear to be joint Sega / Nasco efforts (although all I see in Angel Kids is 'Exa Planning' but I think that has something to do with Nasco).

- Space Position is encrypted, the main processor is D317-0005 (NEC Z80 Custom), see machine/segacrpt.c for details on this encryption scheme.


- 26th January 2002: David Haywood fixed the sprites and sound in Angel Kids, and Stephane Humbert fixed the controls and dipswitch settings so the game is now fully playable.

- 24th January 2002: David Haywood sent some pictures of a very preliminary, work-in-progress driver for Angel Kids. However, it is missing sprites and sound and is also unplayable.