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Aliens (World set 1)

0.36b2 [Manuel Abadia]


- In two player mode, there are some problems with the player sprites. This happens in the stage with the first person perspective, when you are driving some vehicle through a corridor. It seems to affect gameplay, too. aliens36b16gre Frotz

- aliens, probably all clones: There are a few graphics glitches. On an early stage when the player steps out of the water, a garbagey line appears where his foot is underwater (snapshot 1). On the last stage when you fight the final boss, pieces of the machine you can control flicker around the screen occasionally, and the boss' tail detaches from his body. (snapshot 2 snapshot 3 snapshot 4). Note: These glitches during the final boss are actually worse than they appear in these shots, they didn't pic up very well with the snaps. aliens059gre Smitdogg

Possible Bugs:

- Clones aliensj, aliensj2: In the test screen with the raster is just a black block with nothing in it. All other versions show the copyright there. aliensj079gre Firewave


- 0.106u3: Changed 'Unknown' dipswitches to 'Unused' and fixed 'Difficulty' port names.

- 0.93: MAN added clones Aliens (World set 3) and (Japan set 2).

- 0.36b13: Added clone Aliens (US).

- 0.36b6: Added prom ($0 - priority encoder).

- 25th August 1999: Manuel Abadia fixed an Aliens sound bug.

- 0.36b3: Yasuhiro Ogawa added clone Aliens (Japan). Nicola Salmoria added support for external volume control to the K007232 and fixed Aliens, Ajax etc. Changed KONAMI CPU1 clock speed to 3MHz.

- 0.36b2: Manuel Abadia added Aliens (set 1) (Konami 1990) and clone (set 2). TODO: Is sound right? For example, shots can't be heard most of the time.


- Location: Abandoned space settlement on LV426 Acheron. Scenario: Special Marine Task Force has just landed. The nightmare is just about to begin... again... Objective: Hunt down and destroy the ALIENS...if you can keep yourselft alive long enough...

ARCADE RELEASE: Aliens (Konami) - 1990/Mar

LEVELS: 5 (must be finished twice)

Movie: Aliens

Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror

Year: USA 1986

Director: James Cameron

Studio: 20th Century-Fox

Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Carrie Henn, Michael Biehn, Paul Reiser, Lance Henriksen

Category: Aliens

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Romset: 3553 kb / 13 files / 1.44 zip