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0.91 [?]


- Hardware: This game runs on Nintendo 64-based hardware which is manufactured by Seta. It's very similar to the hardware used for 'Magical Tetris Featuring Mickey' (Seta E90 main board) except the game software is contained in a cart that plugs into a slot on the main board. The E92 board also has more RAM than the E90 board. The carts are not compatible with standard N64 console carts.


- 0.111u5: Nathan Woods updated the N64 video driver to use the new BITMAP_ADDR* macros instead of using the line[] array.

- 24th September 2006: Ville Linde - Guru dumped the remaining Nintendo 64-based games in his possession: Star Soldier: Vanishing Earth, Vivid Dolls, Super Real Mahjong VS and Tower & Shaft. The Nintendo 64 emulation in MAME already works quite well, so I was able to get Star Soldier and Vivid Dolls to work with very little effort.

- 15th September 2006: Ville Linde - I've recently continued working on the N64 emulation. After fixing some RSP bugs and adding tons of features to the RDP emulation, many games are starting to look quite good.

- 0.106u1: Improved N64 audio output [R. Belmont]: Rewrote Audio Interface as a stereo DMADAC (which it actually is), greatly simplifying the code along the way. Fixed AI interrupt semantics.

- 16th May 2006: R. Belmont - Ryan Holtz has been fiddling with N64 graphics drawing in MAME/MESS and I've made some improvements to the AI interrupt semantics. All this adds up to 'more games running', like Madden 64. Plus there are improvements in other games, like Mario64.

- 0.105u4: Nintendo 64 system improvements [Ville Linde, Ryan Holtz]: Fixed a major bug in the RSP core, rewrote the PIF handling and slightly improved triangle rendering.

- 0.105u1: R. Belmont split out some of the Nintendo 64 core pieces into MESS-shareable modules.

- 0.104u6: Major update to the Aleck64 driver. Still not fully working yet [Ville Linde]. Changed R4600 CPU1 clock speed to 93750000 Hz, added RSP (62MHz) CPU2 and Custom sound. Changed visible area to 640x480 and added dipswitches 'Test Mode', 'DIPSW1 #1-#8' and 'DIPSW2 #1-#7'.

- 0.102u5: Ville Linde added simulated version of the N64 PIF boot rom to the Aleck64 driver, so the cartridges now boot properly, though the cartridge CRC check fails on both games.

- 7th January 2006: Ville Linde - Some more 2D N64 stuff. The RDP emulation is constantly improving, and I'm getting some nice results. Bust-a-Move '99 is playable and Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero shows the menu graphics.

- 1st January 2006: Ville Linde - I've moved the N64 driver development over to MESS, and I'm currently in the middle of writing an RSP CPU core and emulating the RDP. Mortal Kombat Trilogy is the first commercial game to show some graphics. It isn't playable yet though.

- 15th August 2003: Guru - Received a DoctorV64jr 256M N64 backup unit (thanks to EFX). After 2 days of messing around, I managed to dump the Magical Tetris Challenge PCB. This means I can dump the Aleck64 carts too.

- 29th July 2003: Guru - I've discovered that the main board of Magical Tetris featuring Mickey is virtually identical to the Aleck64 main board I had a while ago. It also turns out that the ROMs used on it are the same kind of serial PROMs that are used in the Aleck64 carts, which just happen to be identical to the ones used in standard N64 carts.