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Area 51: Site 4

0.101u2 [Ville Linde]

HardDisk required


- 0.111u4: Ville Linde improved sound output in the MediaGX driver. Changed DAC sound to DMA-driven DAC.

- 0.110u4: Ville Linde added workaround for broken MediaGX driver.

- 0.101u2: Added Area 51: Site 4 (Atari 1998).

- 8th October 2005: Ville Linde - I've been working on a Atari MediaGX driver for a while now as a side effect of the recent x86 and PC emulation stuff. Area 51: Site 4 now runs its attract mode just fine. The game isn't playable yet as the controls haven't been hooked up yet.

- 24th December 2002: Guru - Area 51 Site 4 (Atari 1998, uses 2.5GB hard drive) arrived. Thanks to Mr F.

Category: Army Fighter 3

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Romset: 260 kb / 3 files / 43 zip

Harddisk: 2445.6 MB (Heads: 15, Cylinders: 5300, Sectors: 63 - Compressed: 702.4)