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Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides, The

0.26 [Fabrice Frances]


- Up to 3 players can play at once. After inserting coins, Button 1 Player 1 = start a 1 player game, Button 1 Player 2 = start a 2 players game and Button 1 Player 3 = start a 3 players game.


- 0.102u5: Nicola Salmoria added SP0250 (3120000 Hz) speech to 'The Three Stooges'.

- 0.67: Changed description from 'Three Stooges' to 'The Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides'

- 23rd April 2002: Karasu submitted correct dipswitch settings for Wrestlefest and The Three Stooges.

- 0.35RC1: Added 'Demo Sounds' and 'Unknown'.

- 0.34b3: Added second DAC.

- 0.33b3: Nicola Salmoria improved music in Three Stooges.

- 0.30: Fabrice Frances support sound in Three Stooges. Actually the code had always been there, it just had to be activated.

- 0.26: Fabrice Frances added a driver for Three Stooges (Mylstar 1984).


Movie/TV: The Three Stooges

Genre: Slapstick, Comedy

Years: 1930-1963

Studio: Fox Hills, Columbia

Cast: Larry Fine, Curly Howard, Moe Howard, Shemp Howard

Romset: 100 kb / 13 files / 71.6 zip