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0.111u1 [Nicola Salmoria]


- Starfield.

- Sound seems to be AWOL in Galaga?

- Convert to tilemaps & optimize video rendering, I was just too lazy to do it for now.

- Check the ASCI interface, there probably is fully working debug code.

- The timed interrupt is a kludge; it is supposed to be generated internally by the Z180, but the cpu core doesn't support that yet.


- There are four start buttons: the first two are for Ms. Pac-Man, the other two for Galaga.

- To play Pac-Man instead of Ms. Pac-Man, insert coins then enter the following sequence: U U U D D D L R L R L. A sound will play and the ghost will change from red to pink.

- Writes to the Z180 ASCI port.