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Tiger Heli (bootleg set 2)

Tiger-Heli (c) 1985 Taito.


Board Number : GX-551 (not a Konami board!)

Prom Stickers : A47

Main CPU : (2x) Z80, M68705

Sound Chips : (2x) AY8910

Screen orientation : Vertical

Video resolution : 240 x 280 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette colors : 256

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 2


Developed by Toaplan.

This is the first shooter to use a 'Megabomb'.

Pony Canyon released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Kyukyoku Tiger : G.S.M. Taito 2 - D28B0008) on 21/11/1988.


Bootlegs don't uses the M68705 @ 2 Mhz :-)


* 10,000 Points Bonus : At the start of the game, count your shots until arriving at the first railroad. If you've counted 40 shots, a little car should enter the screen on the right side. Destroy it with the 41th shot to get a 10,000 points bonus. There are similar cars throughout the game, but making them appear is a mystery.

* A Second 10,000 Points Bonus : Near the beginning there is a 'school house' with a red drum on the top. If you hit the red drum enough times, you'll get a 10,000 points bonus.

* Second Chance : If you get shot soon after starting a new game, the game will often let you off and just fire a super bomb instead.

* Warp : Lose your first player without scoring any points (make sure the second chance super bomb doesn't hit anything). The game puts you forward to a railway where a car will appear that can be shot for 10,000 points.

* Hint : Blast everything. Civilian cars and houses, etc, all give 50 points each.


Music and sound created by : Tatsuya Uemura


* Consoles :

Nintendo Famicom (1986)

Sony PlayStation (1996, "Toaplan Shooting Battle 1")

FM Towns Marty

* Computers :

Sharp X68000 (1993)