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Space Pirates v2.2

Space Pirates (c) 1992 American Laser Games.

Colonial Star One is under attack by the 'Black Brigade'. Captain Tallinn and his cut throat pirates are in control of the 'Star Splitter Cannon'. Captain Tallinn is trying to take over the galaxy by using the Star Splitter Cannon, but in order to use the cannon, he must find the 'cannon star crystals'. The star crystals have been lost for years on different worlds throughout the solar system. You must find the crystals before Tallinn does. Your journey across the galaxy won't be easy though. Mutant life forms, sorceresses, and other alien life forms will try to stop you from getting the crystals. Find the crystals and go on to the final showdown to take out Captain Tallinn and win the game!


Main CPU : 68000

Sound Chips : (2x) Custom

Colors palette : 4097

Players : 2

Buttons : 2

This game uses a laser disc.