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Space Gun (World)

Space Gun (c) 10/1990 Taito.

As a member of a special Search And Rescue unit. you (and an optional friend) are told to investigate an S.O.S. distress signal that was sent from a space station. what you don't know is that a group of vicious aliens have taken the colonists hostage. luckily for you, you're armed with a plasma pulse gun and 4 sets of grenades that are quite special (aside from the common grenade that explodes, some will freeze, incinerate, and even slice and dice the aliens).


Taito Z System hardware

Prom Stickers : C57

Main CPU : (2x) 68000

Sound Chips : YM2610

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 320 x 240 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2

Control : lightgun

Buttons : 3


Zuntata Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Zuntata History L'ab-normal 1st - ZTTL-0038) on 01/04/1999.

A Space Gun unit appears in the 1994 French movie 'La Vengeance d'une Blonde'.


Producers : Yuji Iwasaki, Atsuchi Taniguchi

Software : Yuji Iwasaki, Shinji Soyano, T. Nakamura, Hikaru Taniguchi, Kazutomo Ishida, Takashi Ishii

Sound (Zuntata) : Norihiro Furukawa (Wiz Master AKD.), Naoto Yagishita

Monster designers : T. Sekipon, H. Katochin, Atsuchi Taniguchi, V.A.P

Designers : Hiroyasu Nagai, A. Nomura, V.A.P, Peacock

Mechanical engineers : I. Yamada, Y. Tsuriya, T. Tsurumi

Hardware : M. Yamaguchi, K. Mimura, Y. Shibuya

Characters : T. Sekipon, H. Katochin, Atsuchi Taniguchi, H. Kuzirai, T. Matsumoto, Nobuhiro Hiramatsu, Yukio Abe, V.A.P, Peacock


* Consoles :

Sega Master System (1992)

Sony PlayStation 2 (2005, "Taito Legends") (US & Europe)

Microsoft XBOX (2005, "Taito Legends") (US & Europe)

Sony PlayStation 2 (2007, "Taito Memories II Vol. 1") (Japan only)

* Computers :

Sinclair ZX Spectrum (1992)

Commodore C64 (1992)

Amstrad CPC (1992)

Commodore Amiga (1992)

Atari ST (1992)

PC [MS Windows] (2005, "Taito Legends") (US & Europe)