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Samurai Shodown V Special / Samurai Spirits Zero Special (set 1, uncensored)

Samurai Shodown V Special (c) 08/2004 SNK Playmore.

An 'upgrade' of the Samurai Shodown V episode with its 24 fighters plus 4 more characters : Amakusa, Gaoh, Zankuro and Mizuki. It's probably the ultimate game released on NeoGeo since SNK Playmore decided to develop its future games on AtomisWave.


SNK Neo-Geo MVS hardware

Game ID : 0272

Main CPU : 68000 (@ 12 Mhz), Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)

Sound Chips : YM2610 (@ 8 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 320 x 224 pixels

Screen refresh : 59.19 Hz

Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2

Control : 8-way Joystick

Buttons : 4

=> [A] Light attack, [B] Medium attack, [C] Kick/Break defence, [D] Lie down/Forward roll/Back roll/Small jump/Dodge


This game is known in Japan as "Samurai Spirits Zero Special".

The original version of the game contain some bugs and characters don't have fatalities. To correct that, SNK Playmore released corrected cartridges (without any problems) which can be recognized by a small NeoGeo sticker on the top right

On the game box, SNK put the following message : 'A final Farewell. To all of our customers, who have purchased NeoGeo rom cartridges up till now, thank you very much. We offer our most heartfelt gratitude for your loyal patronage over these 14 full years and hope for your continued support for our games on the many other platforms we will provide products for in the future. NeoGeo fans rule!'.

Some rumors says that SNK Playmore wanted to release an other upgrade of "Samurai Shodown V" on NeoGeo MVS called "Samurai Shodown V Special Final" including 2 new characters, some new stages and the correction of all the original game's bugs. A location test occured in Tokyo in october 2004 but then SNK Playmore denied developping this game.


* I'm Not Afraid Of You! : think you are really good? Tap Start 3 times quickly to make your character drop his/her sword. Now show your opponents that the most fearsome weapons are the ones you were born with!


1. Samurai Shodown (1993)

2. Samurai Shodown II (1994)

3. Samurai Shodown III (1995)

4. Samurai Shodown IV - Amakusa's Revenge (1996)

5. Samurai Shodown 64 (1997)

6. Samurai Shodown 64 - Warrior's Rage (1998)

7. Samurai Shodown V (2003)

8. Samurai Shodown V Special (2004)

9. Samurai Shodown - Tenkaichi Kenkakuden (2005)


* Voice actors :

Haohmaru : Masaki Usui

Nakoruru : Harumi Ikoma

Yoshitora Tokugawa : Hiro Yuki

Mina Majikina : Satsuki Yukino

Ukyo Tachibana : Eiji Yano

Rimururu : Hitomi Nabatame

Yunfei : Satoshi Taki

Kusaregedo the demon : Go Shinomiya

Genjuro Kibagami : Kong Kuwata

Rera : Kyoko Hikami

Kyoshiro Senryo : Monster Maetsuka

Rasetsumaru : Tsuguo Nakajima (formerly Mogami)

Kazuki Kazama : Atsushi Yamanishi

Sogetsu Kazama : Naoki Oikawa

Enja : Shintarou Ohata

Suija : Ikouji Nose

Hanzo Hattori : Toshimitsu Arai

Galford : Mantaro Koichi

Shizumaru Hisame : Miho Kaneda

Jubei Yagyu : Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Basara : Masahiro Nonaka

Gaira Caffeine : Takeshi Watanabe

Charlotte : Harumi Ikoma

Tam Tam : Toshikazu Nishimura

Zankuro Minazuki : Enma Ito

Shiro Tokisada Amakusa : Eiji Yano

Rashoujin Mizuki : Harumi Ikoma

Gaoh Kyougoku Hinowanokami : Kenji Utsumi


Samurai Spirits Official Web Site;