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Point Blank (World, GN2 Rev B)

Point Blank (c) 1994 Namco.

A challenging light gun game where players can select from a variety of target practice mini games.

Many games require skill and accuracy, such as shooting cardboard cutouts of criminals, a one-shot chance at hitting a leaf, aiming for a specific toy from a shelf, and shooting at objects that move across the screen or rush towards the player.

Your 'judgement' is based on your shooting accuracy in some games, and others require you to hit a certain number of targets within the given time.


Namco System NB-1 hardware

Game ID : GN

Main CPU : 68EC020 (@ 24.192 Mhz), M37702 (@ 16.128 Mhz)

Sound Chips : C352 (@ 16.128 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 288 x 224 pixels

Screen refresh : 59.70 Hz

Palette colors : 8192

Players : 2

Control : lightgun

Buttons : 1


This game is known in Japan as "Gun Bullet".

Julian Hicks holds the official record for this game with 135,730 points.

A Point Blank machine was shown at the 2003 classic arcade games show 'California Extreme' in San Jose, California


1. Point Blank (1994)

2. Point Blank 2 (1999)

3. Point Blank 3 (2001)


Planning director : S. Tohyama

Game coordinator : Y. Kounoe

'Oyaji' programmer : Yasushi .O

Main programmer : S. Yamada

Programmer : Kenichi. T

CG designers : H.K, D. Onizuka

3D designers : Shigemasa, Gonta

'Oyaji' Dotter : Norion5

Music & Sound FX : Takayuki Aihara, Ishikavan, Hiroto Sasaki (Saman)

Mechanical designers : Ohara, Inoue

System constructors : T. Inui, KJ-, Masayuki. K

Industrial designers : Tohru. Y, H. Shimane


* Consoles :

Sony PlayStation (1998)

Sony PlayStation 2 (2002, "Gunvari Collection + Time Crisis")

Nintendo DS (2006, "Unou no Tatsujin Ganbare Trainer")