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Marvel Super Heroes (Euro 951024)

Marvel Super Heroes (c) 10/1995 Capcom.

Ten characters straight out of Marvel Comics prove their worthiness to meet Dr. Doom and Thanos. Includes special power-up gems that can be used and acquired during a match.


Capcom Play System II hardware (CPS II)

Game ID : CP-S II No. 12

Main CPU : 68000 (@ 11.8 Mhz), Z80 (@ 8 Mhz)

Sound Chips : Q-Sound (@ 4 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 384 x 224 pixels

Screen refresh : 59.63 Hz

Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 6

= > [1] LP, [2] MP, [3] HP

= > [4] LK, [5] MK, [6] HK


The game background is mainly inspired by the famous comic saga called the Infinity Gauntlet, published in 1991. This gauntlet is wielded by Thanos and allows him to use all the Infinity gems simultaneously.

There are 10 characters available plus the two bosses which appears in different Marvel comic books :

Black Heart - Daredevil #270

Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) - Captain America Comics #1

Doctor Doom (aka Victor Von Doom) - Fantastic Four #5

Hulk (aka Robert Bruce Banner) - Incredible Hulk #1

Iron Man (aka Anthony 'Tony' Stark) - Tales of Suspense #39

Juggernaut (aka Cain Marko) - X-Men #12

Magneto (aka Erik 'Magnus' Lehnsherr) - X-Men #1

Psylocke (aka Elizabeth 'Betsy' Braddock) - New Mutants Annual #2

Shuma-Gorath - Marvel Premiere #6

Spider-Man (aka Peter Parker) - Amazing Fantasy #15

Thanos - Iron Man #55

Wolverine (aka James 'Logan' Howlett) - Incredible Hulk #180

Marvel Super Heroes was released by Capcom in memory of ''Jack Kirby'' (aka 'The King of the Comics') [1917 / 1994] who was the most influential and respected illustrator and creator of comic books, at least of the super-hero/adventure variety. He was so important that, with that field now in recession, some are saying that when Jack Kirby died, he took the industry with him.

Sony Records released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Marvel Super Heroes - SRCL-3448) on 01/12/1995.


The US version is slightly different, it has the "Recycle It, Don't Trash It!" screen.

Revision 1 :

* Euro, Japanese, US and Asia releases (951024).

Revision 2 :

* Brazil, Japan and Hispanic releases only (951117).


* Play as Anita : Press MP, LP, Left, LK, MK at the character selection screen.

* Play as Dr. Doom : Press MK, LP, Down, LK, MP at the character selection screen.

* Play as Thanos : Press LK, HK, MP(x2), Up at the character selection screen.

* Double Power : Select a fighter at the character selection screen, then press Player One Start + Player Two Start.

* Continue Fighting : Press Start immediately after winning a round to continue hitting the defeated character.

* Disable Gems : To disable Gems in two player mode both players must press and hold Start after choosing their character until the round starts.

* Change Character Color : At the character select screen move to the desired character then hold Up (if on top row) or Down (if on bottom row). After 3 seconds press any punch or kick button to select character.

* Here are the different gem effects (which acts during a short time) and when you can get them :

Time gem (Red) : You are much more faster than usual.

Space gem (Purple) : Your character get unstoppable with this super armor power.

Soul gem (Green) : Your fighter slowly recovers life.

Power gem (Pink) : Your attacks are more powerful.

Reality gem (Orange, on the fifth opponnent) : Your attacks have additionnal effects which makes them more powerful.

Mind gem (Blue, owned by Thanos) : The character can recover about 2 energy levels in a few seconds.

The gems are owned by diffrent opponnents: we have one at the beginning, then the first opponnent have the following one then the second, then the third and finally the fifth (the last one is on Thanos). Characters have some special effects using some gems (for instance Magneto got an enegy field around him with the Space gem, Spiderman divide himself in two similar being for symmetrical attacks using the Power gem).

Notice that we can only use the first gem in our gem stack. If you press the Start button during the fight, you will change the gem order in your stack, allowing for you to use any desired gem at anytime.

When we reach the final fight against Thanos, he steal all the gems and collect them in his gauntlet. He uses them his way (for instance : space gem creates a warp which attracts and throw rocks on his enemy).


Planners : Takeshi Tezuka, T. Iijima, Tomichi, Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Kei Hiratou, Satoru Kimura

Programmers : Tarabar-Black, Aoi-Peach, Kaw-K.Marichan, Silver-Kadontz, Nobu-Sasami, Knishi- (MadDogMc), Pon, Dna, Frk, Yama, T. Ueno, Youji

Scroll designers : Konomi, Buppo, Shibata Kayoko, Daisuke Nakagawa, Yumiko, Takapon, Akiko Matsunaga, Satomi Ishii, R.K, Yoichi Tanoue, M

Music composers : Takayuki Iwai (Anarchy Takapon), Yuki Satomura (Wewe), Tatsuro Zuzuki

Sound designers : Picard Mij, Satoshi Ise (Ayano), Ryoji

Sound producer : Arcade Sound Team

Voice designers : Hiroaki Kondo (New-X?)

* Object Designers :

Thanos by : Shinji Sakashita (Sakashita Thing), D-Kurita, Takayuki Kosaka, Masako.Satoh

Dr. Doom by : Satoru Yamashita, Ino, Seigo Kawakami

Wolverine by : Akiman

Spider-man by : Arahijuf, Rumi Yamaguchi, T.Shirahama

Captain America by : Masaaki Tanaka, Chimorin Shogun, Misako Yamamoto

Psylocke by : Eripyon.N

Hulk by : Makoto Ishi, K.Takechan, Miwa, Kanako Takami

Iron Man by : Yoshino Hiroaki, Kiai Ryuken, Yukikaze, You Ten Nakano, Yutaka Maruno, Cepezou, Mimura Kenji, K?okunaga, Eizi Murabayashi, Naoki Fukuda, Takep, Henoheno, Yuki

Magneto by : A. Iwasaki

Shuma-Gorath by : Masayo Tsujimoto, Jun Matsumura (27), Shinya.M, Kako, Masanori Kondo

Black Heart by : Alien Pole, Fnyaco. F. Fnyao, Dway Nishimura, Oyabin

Juggernaut by : Hiroaki Minobe, R. Sato, Kazuko Kawanaka

Effect : Ntengm Nakatani, Sagata, Tanuki, Kimo Kimo

* Voice Actors :

Captain America : Cathal J. Dodd

Wolverine : Cathal J. Dodd

Black Heart : Jaimz Woolvett

Psylocke : Catherine Disher

Shuma-Gorath : Franck Perry

Spider-Man : Patrick Chilvers

Hulk : Andrew Jackson

Thanos : Andrew Jackson

Juggernaut : Rick Bennett

Iron Man : Chris Britton

Doctor Doom : Lorne Kennedy

Magneto : Lorne Kennedy

Anounncer : Lorne Kennedy


* Consoles :

Sony PlayStation (1997)

Sega Saturn (1997)