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Magic Premium (v1.1)

Magic Premium (c) 1995 CD Express.


Cubo CD32 hardware (Amiga 68020, AGA based games system)

Main CPU : Motorola 68EC020 at 14.3 MHz

Memory : 2 MB Chip RAM, 1 MB ROM with Kickstart ROM 3.1 and integrated cdfs.filesystem, 1KB of FlashROM for game saves

Graphics/Chipset : AGA Chipset

Akiko chip, which handles CD-ROM and can do Chunky to Planar conversion

Proprietary (MKE) CD-ROM drive at 2x speed

Expansion socket for MPEG cartridge, as well as 3rd party devices such as the SX-1 and SX32 expansion packs.

4 8-bit audio channels (2 for left, 2 for right)

Gamepad, Serial port, 2 Gameports, Interfaces for keyboard


All CD Express games were released only in Italy.