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Master of Weapon (US)

Master of Weapon (c) 1989 Taito.

A seven-day nuclear storm brings on a big change on the earth. The earth cracks, the sea boils and the living things change. And human is no exception. After finishing of the cursed 7-day war, the remaining people change their cells and return to the nature in order to endure severe environmental changes. However, a selected part of the people - they had been called scientists - create a computer, which can lead the people in order to leave a seed humankind. This computer is called N.


Taito B System hardware

Prom Sticker : B72

Main CPU : 68000, Z80

Sound Chips : YM2203

Screen orientation : Vertical

Video resolution : 224 x 320 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 2


The title on the titlescreen is "Master of Weapon" but the title was probably supposed to be "Master of Weapons" as the marquee says it is.

A very rare prototype of this game is known as "Yukiwo".

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Taito DJ Station : G.S.M. Taito 5 - PCCB-00037) on 21/08/1990.


* Levels Select : Boot machine with service switch pressed.

Message appears : SERVICE SWITCH ERROR, press 1p Start(x3), service switch, 1p Start.

Message appears : SELECT BY DOWN SW, select level with joy Down/Up and push Start button.


Directed and produced by : George Jyuttute

Game and character designed by : Yukiwo Ishikawa (Y.I)

Programmed by : George K-5, Takeshi Murata (T.M), Creamy Tetsu (TET), Maryin Kondoh

Art designed by : Yukiwo Ishikawa, Takako Kojima, Dandy Yarita, Makoto Fujita, Akira Saitoh, Hisakazu Katoh, Oolong Yamada, Kenji Hazama, Animation 20, Santa Claus

Hardware designed by : Eikichi Takahashi, Hiroyuki Noguchi

Music composed and arranged by : Hisayoshi Ogura, Yasuhisa Watanabe

Graphic designed by : Hiroyasu Nagai, Kazuo Nakagawa, Animation 20


Sega Mega Drive (1991)

Sony PlayStation 2 (2007, "Taito Memories II Vol. 2")