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King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (set 1), The

The King of Fighters '99 - Millennium Battle (c) 07/1999 SNK.

Introducing the new 'striker' system! Each team is expanded to four characters, with a total of 30 selectable characters set on defeating Krizalid and his evil feather coat.


SNK Neo-Geo MVS hardware

Game ID : 0251

Main CPU : 68000 (@ 12 Mhz)

Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 4 Mhz)

Sound Chips : YM2610 (@ 8 Mhz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 320 x 224 pixels

Screen refresh : 59.19 Hz

Palette colors : 4096

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 4

=> [A] Weak punch, [B] Weak kick, [C] Strong punch, [D] Strong kick


The Fatal Fury Team music theme is a remixed version of Terry's theme in "Fatal Fury Wild Ambition".

About K' (K Dash) : K' initially sported a slicked back hairstyle, but this was nixed by the powers that be and that's how the 'hairdo' for the hero of the NESTS Chronicles got changed. The reason for his hair being bushier than need be may be a reflection of the conditions around him. "Garou - Mark of the Wolves" was being developed concomitantly with KOF '99, so the staff learned that MOW's main character (Rock) looked like K' (causing the supervising designer to lose a few pounds from panic).

About Maxima : With the growing influence of teenagers, it seems the concept for Maxima evolved from a desire to introduce a sober and reliable middle-age character (sad state of affairs though when a twenty-something male is referred to as 'middle-aged'). The designers were initially supposed to design a character that used body slams, but the finished character became a fist-fighter. Strange how things happen, isn't it? Maxima was originally modified by the male scientist Dr. Makishima, but in a serialized KOF comic that came out in Hong Kong, he, for some reason, became a 'beautiful woman doctor'. This comic is hard to get your hands on in other parts of the world, but check it out if you have the opportunity.

About Whip : The plan was to introduce this character in KOF '96, but since Leona was already a part of the Ikari Team she began her series of appearances in KOF '99. Since Leona exposes comparatively more skin, Whip sports less revealing but body-hugging fashions that leave a little more to the imagination. The number of dots used on Whip's whip were reduced to express a feeling of speed and power - a daring method of expression. The supervising designer was sweating bullets over this when the design was checked (he feared he'd be accused of slacking off), but in the end the concept was approved without incident. The designers hoped that she would be accepted as an independent, whip-brandishing character rather than just another member of the Ikari Team.

About Pao : Due to circumstances regarding the game structure, a new character had to be added to the Psycho Soldier Team, and various ideas for this additional character were formulated. Some of these included: 'a younger idol from Athena's agency'; 'a love rival pitted against Kensou', 'a mighty male character with a scary appearance but a heart of gold and a love of nature', 'an old woman who looks after Chin Gentsai', and many others. With the appearance of Pao, the average age of the Psycho Soldier Team dropped dramatically...or was supposed to, but things didn't actually change that much (it dropped from 42 to 34 years old).

About Li Xiangfei : When development began for KOF '99, the designers grappled over which character from Real Bout 2 to choose, Rick Stroud or Li Xiang Fei. Giving the reasons that a cute female character and a Chinese boxer was desired, they unanimously selected Li Xiang Fei. Needless to say, the designers who came to this decision were all men. Typical! With the actual execution of this, however, the designers struggled to bring the character into the KOF world without ruining her image created in the Fatal Fury series. As you all know Li's move names in the Japanese version are all derived from place names in Osaka, so the designers enjoyed the work of coming up with names following this rule when new moves were added. Moves like Eiki Shuho (Vanguard Blast, in English) and Daikoku-cho (Big and Ugly Ultimatum) give her twice the appeal for local fans...

About Jhun Hoon : The savior of Chang Koehan and Choi Bounge, an evil fighter who's Kim's alter-ego, a fellow disciple who looks like Kim - these were some of the concepts for Jhun, but as you can gather from the current character he's way different from what was planned. And since he's not an evil character, this naturally meant Chang and Choi would not be saved from their predicament; so, sadly, they continue to walk the slow and steady path to redemption that they've been walking these long 10 years. Jhun is also the first character in KOF history to adopt the concept of the 'pose'. Coming up and creating this kind of move really put the designers to the test.

About Kyo Kusanagi-1 : Actually Kyo Kusanagi-1 and Kyo Kusanagi-2 were not scheduled to appear in KOF '99 at the time. Nor were Kyo or Iori Yagami supposed to either. Designers initially decided to leave them out because of the new storyline and wanted to focus more attention on the new character of K'. But for various reasons, designers came to the conclusion that designer couldn't leave these popular characters in limbo, so they got a reprieve (and a new wardrobe, too). Designers also felt the old Kyo dressed in his school uniform was necessary and hurried to include him in the game (See Kyo Kusanagi-2 for more details).

About Kyo Kusanagi-2 : Production was reaching its climax when the idea for including various Kyos was hit upon... While the staff kvetched - "Should the design for Kyo in a student's uniform come from KOF '94 or KOF '95?"; "We don't have time to think this over!" - the project head said : "Make two designs". The staff objected timidly : "Are you nuts? We don't have time for that!". So the project planner remarked, "OK, then. I'll design them". Having hung up his character-designing clothes years ago, the head planner whipped up designs Kyo Kusanagi-1 and Kyo Kusanagi-2 in no time. Naturally, designers were blown away by his mastery and speed rivaling that of a street-performing sketch artist.

Leona, Ralph and Clark are playable characters in the Foma 90x Series Mobile Phones game 'Metal Slug Survivors'.

Pony Canyon / Scitron released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (The King of Fighters '99 - PCCB-00387) on 18/08/1999.


* Play as 'Real' Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami (you need to get 'K.I' on the logo screen to be able to use Kyo or Iori).

1) To get 'K', you must use a team of 4 random characters consisting at least of three of these characters : K, Maxima, Benimaru, Shingo, Whip, Kyo-1 or Kyo-2.

2) To get 'I', you must use a team of 4 random characters consisting at least of three of these characters : Leona, Athena, Bao, Xiangfei, Kasumi, Kim or Jhun.

3) Then you must defeat Kryzalid and a screen will show you how to do the code.

4) For 'Real' Kyo Kusanagi, highlight the roulette selection box. Then, hold Start and press Left, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right. Kyo's picture will replace the sun symbol to confirm correct code entry.

5) For Iori Yagami, highlight the roulette selection box. Then, hold Start and press Right, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left. Iori's picture will appear replace the cresent moon symbol to confirm correct code entry.

* Fight Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami : To fight Kyo Kusanagi or Iori Yagami you must : Choose one of the 7 full teams to battle with the computer. After clearing the 5th stage take note of your Battle Ability. Defeat Kryzalid. After finishing the Boss Stage, if the Battle Ability after the 5th stage is between 200 and 280 points Iori will appear. Otherwise if the Battle Ability is above 280 points Kyo will appear.

* Display character order : hold Start when selecting your character's fighting order.

* Select victory pose : press a Punch or Kick button immediately after winning a match.

* (BUG) The Power of The 'Ko'ou Ken' : when using Takuma, activate the Counter Mode, then go to the opposite edge of the screen. Now, send a Weak (slow) Ko'ou Ken at the opponent and complete the movement for the special. The special will hit first and then the Ko'ou Ken hits the opponent in the middle of the attack. The opponent gets frozen even when it should be dizzy for the finish of the special.

* Finish the game using one of these combinations to see the special endings :

1) Kyo Kusanagi with anyone except Iori Yagami.

2) Iori Yagami with anyone except Kyo Kusanagi.

There is a different ending for some predefined Teams if Krizalid will be defeated while using a specific fighter :

1) Fatal Fury Team (Mai)

2) Psycho Soldiers Team (Kensou)


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Producer : Takashi Nishiyama

Chief director : Hiroto Namada (as 'Namadachan'), T. Hosokawa

Sub director : Haruo Tomita, Sexy-Dynamite-Kaju, K. Hikida (Yanya), Tomonori Kamio, Strass(Woo), Toshiomi, Yukixyuki, Lonely Aoki

Design chief : Regeon.Toyanaka, (^_^)

Front designers : T. I-NO-U-E (K'/Kim), Shinsuke Yamamoto (Maxima/Terry), Miki Asakura (Benimaru/Chin), Mina Kawai (as Kawai.Sama) (Yuri/Takuma/Choi), Shio Shio Shio (Ryo/Robert), Winnie the Whipooh (Leona/Whip/Mary), Youki.T.Ohyama (Ralf), M.Endo (Clark), Akiko Yukawa (Shingo/Athena/Kasumi), Miho Uematsu (Xiangfei/King), Mitsuru Kawasaki (Kensou/Bao), Styleos (Kyo/Chang), Roppongi Marito (Jhun/Joe), C.A.C. Yamasaki (Krizalid/Andy/Mai/Iori)

Back designers : Manoru (Sewege.Sys), K. W (Park), Muneki Raishi (Alley), Tohru Nakanishi (Airport), Tsugumi A. (Museum), Nobuyuki Kobayashi (Boss)

Demo designers : Kalkin Mizuno, M. Yokoyama, Khozoh Nagashima (as K. -G3- Nagashima)

Special effects : Aooon

Programmers : Cyber Kondo, Souta Ichino, Abetak

Sound : Sha-V, Zoe, Marimo, Usako-X, Tate Norio, Toshio Shimizm (as 'Shimizm'), Hori-Hori

Adjusters : Kiyoshi Asai, Toshiyuki Hata, Haruo.K, Tomoaki Kawamoto

Bug checkers : T. Seko, M. Sawa

* Voice Actors :

K' : Yuuki Matsuda

Maxima : Katsuyuki Konishi

Benimaru Nikaido : Monster Maetsuka

Shingo Yabuki : Takehito Koyasu

Terry Bogard : Satoshi Hashimoto

Andy Bogard : Keiichi Nanba

Joe Higashi : Nobuyuki Hiyama

Mai Shiranui : Akoya Sogi

Ryo Sakazaki : Masaki Usui

Robert Garcia : Mantaro Koichi

Yuri Sakazaki : Kaori Horie

Takuma Sakazaki : Eiji Tsuda

Leona : Masae Yumi

Ralf Jones : Monster Maetsuka

Clark Steel : Yoshinori Shima

Whip : Shiho Kikuchi

Athena Asamiya : Haruna Ikezawa

Sie Kensou : Eiji Yano

Chin Gentsai : Toshikazu Nishimura

Bao : Kanako Nakano

King : Harumi Ikoma

Blue Mary : Harumi Ikoma

Kasumi Todoh : Masae Yumi

Li Xiangfei : Mami Kingetsu

Kim Kaphwan : Satoshi Hashimoto

Choi Bounce : Monster Maetsuka

Chang Koehan : Hiroyuki Arita

Jhun Hoon : Kazuya Ichijo

Kyo-1 : Masahiro Nonaka

Kyo-2 : Masahiro Nonaka

Krizalid : Yoshiyuki Iwamoto

Kyo Kusanagi : Masahiro Nonaka

Iori Yagami : Kunihiko Yasui


* Consoles :

SNK Neo-Geo CD (1999)

Sega Dreamcast (1999, "The King of Fighters '99 Evolution")

Sony PlayStation (2000)

Nintendo Game Boy Advance (2002, "The King of Fighters EX - Neoblood")

Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "NeoGeo Online Collection Vol.5 : King of Fighters Nests Hen")

* Computers :

PC (MS Windows, 2000, "The King of Fighters '99 - Evolution")


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