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Crackshot (version 2.0)

Crackshot (c) 1985 Exidy.

A First-person shoot'em up gallery style game. A player must use his skill to shoot a number of 'good' targets, while not shooting the 'bad' ones, before time runs out. The game has several levels including a bar, Varmit Alley, Bank Robbers, Robots, Birds, outer space, Bank robbers again and a Bonus 'Slot machine' level.


Exidy 440 hardware

Main CPU : M6809 (@ 1.6224 Mhz)

Sound CPU : M6809 (@ 811.2 Khz)

Sound Chips : Custom (@ 50.7 Khz)

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 320 x 240 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz

Palette Colors : 256

Players : 1

Control : lightgun

Buttons : 1


The music in the city stage (where you shoot at criminals) is the actual opening guitar riff from the song 'Secret Agent Man'.

Pat Harman holds the official record for this game with 4,885,140 points on June 28, 1986.


* If the Start button is held down at power-up, you will be allowed access to the configuration menu where you can put your name on the mirror in the bar scene.


Software : Larry Hutcherson, Vic Tolomei, Ken Nicholson

Hardware : Howell Ivy

Graphics : Lynn Pointer

Audio : Ken Nicholson