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Version 0.8
Date 24/08/2003
Platform Linux
Author(s) Eric Smith
Hedley Rainnie
Emulates Atari vector games
Comment vecsim is a simulator for some of the 6502-based Atari vector games, vecsim runs on Linux or Unix systems with X11. The main simulator was developed from 1991 to 1992 by Hedley Rainnie and Eric Smith, and the experimental static translator was added in 1993. It was released under the GPL in 1996. A crude port to Windows was done in 1997, but was not integrated into the source distribution. There has been no further development work on vecsim aside from a very small amount of cleanup in August of 2003 to eliminate compiler warnings and simplify the Makefile.
Status Discontinued


Sound Source Screen Dump Hiscore Save Save Game Record Input Dips Cheat Auto Frameskip Throttle Network Play Record Sound Screen Rotate
No Yes No No No No No No No ? No ? ?


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