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System 16 (Beta)

Version final beta
Date 30/05/1999
Platform DOS
Author(s) Li Jih Hwa (Nao)
Thierry Lescott (ShinobiZ)
Emulates Sega System 16 Games
Comment No need for samples in this version. Has four games that v0.82a doesn't (After Burner, Body Slam, Quartet and Wonder Boy III)
Status Development Stopped
CPU Cores Multi-Z80 32 Bit emulator
Starscream 680x0 emulation library
Development Tools Allegro (Low Level Game Routines Library)
DJGPP (DJ Delorie's port of GPP)
Eagle Library
NASM (NetWide ASseMbler Project)
Synthetic Audio Library (SEAL) Development Kit


Sound Source Screen Dump Hiscore Save Save Game Record Input Dips Cheat Auto Frameskip Throttle Network Play Record Sound Screen Rotate
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No ? ?

Alternative Versions


Emulated Games

Note: This list only shows games that are not in the main version of the emulator (see above).