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PIE (Pacman Instructional Emulator) for BeOS

Version v1.12
Date 21/01/2004
Platform BeOS
Author(s) Caz Jones
Emulates Pacman and Ms. Pacman
Comment This emulator has been written as an educational tool for those who are interested in knowing how an emulator works. For that use, some knowledge about emulators in general and some programming skills are required. But it is also a fully functional emulator that can be used to have some good fun, and since it is very small in size it can be downloaded very quickly or even sent to friends by e-mail as an attachment.
Status Discontinued


Sound Source Screen Dump Hiscore Save Save Game Record Input Dips Cheat Auto Frameskip Throttle Network Play Record Sound Screen Rotate
Yes Yes No No No No Yes No Yes Yes No No No

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