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Version 1.0
Date 23/10/2006
Platform Windows
Homepage (bad)
Author(s) Mohanish Vijan
Emulates Sega Model 2
Comment A cheap hack of ElSemi's Sega Model 2 Emulator, claim to be a new Model 2 emulator. Note from Pi... Comparing Model 2 Emulator. v0.1 alpha versus MSega whateverversion.crap. The Hex Workshop comparison shown, only matches, gives two main sections, one A1F8F bytes long and another one 6BDD4 bytes long, both at the same offsets in each file. That means that only two sections give 1105251 matching bytes. The emulators are roughly 1114112 bytes long, so 99% of them are exactly the same.
Status Discontinued
Development Tools Visual C/C++


Sound Source Screen Dump Hiscore Save Save Game Record Input Dips Cheat Auto Frameskip Throttle Network Play Record Sound Screen Rotate
Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes Yes No No No

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