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Version 0.36 beta 10
Date 30/11/1999
Platform DOS
Homepage (bad)
Author(s) Hiromitsu Shioya (Hiro-Shi)
Emulates Sound from Taito and Sega games
Comment This emulator is based on MAME but only plays sounds for the supported games. Also included is a MMSnd32 (equivalent of MAME32) and support for some Sega Megadrive games.
Status Dormant
Development Tools Allegro (Low Level Game Routines Library)
DJGPP (DJ Delorie's port of GPP)
Synthetic Audio Library (SEAL) Development Kit


Sound Source Screen Dump Hiscore Save Save Game Record Input Dips Cheat Auto Frameskip Throttle Network Play Record Sound Screen Rotate
Yes No No No No No No No No No ? ? ?


Emulated Games