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28 May 2008

Raine v0.50.13
Posted by neoforma
According to Tux, this release should be more stable than the previous one. This update mostly consists of bug fixes, but a new console was also added to the pack. With it it's now possible to create scripts and run them from cheats menu.

For more information on the release and download links check official Raine site. By the way, NeoRaine was updated too.

22 May 2008

FBA v0.2.96.83, ZiNc news and World Rally emulated
Posted by neoforma
A big Taito update. Several new games added and some drivers fixed. Take a look at Barry's WIP if you're interested at how games look like in FBA. And don't forget to update your roms.

You can get the latest (unicode-only this time) build from Barry's blog.

In other news, there will be no new ZiNc since MAME Plus Plus is still alive.

Also if you have not been following emulation news, World Rally is emulated. The roms are available free of charge at Gaelco's website, so you just have to try it MAME.

08 May 2008

FBA v0.2.96.82
Posted by neoforma
It feels like Barry Harris is the only person who works on FBA. He has updated CPS-1/CPS-2 drivers and included new driver for Taito F-2 hardware. All roms were updated to match MAME v0.125, so be sure to update them.

As always you can get FBA from Barry's blog.

05 May 2008

MAME v0.125
Posted by neoforma
Another big update for MAME. Many fixes to PSX-based games from smf, lots of CPS-1 improvements from Nicola Salmoria, Corrado Tomaselli and Charles MacDonald, many fixes from Aaron Giles to various drivers and core and many other submissions from the whole MAME team. Also lots of clones and new games are added.

Get the latest stable MAME release from official site.