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29 Apr 2008

FBA v0.2.96.81
Posted by neoforma
Barry added a couple of new games to FBA plus he made some fixes to existing drivers. Also one nice feature is implemented in this version: double click to go fullscreen.

Be sure to get your own copy of FBA from Barry's blog.

19 Apr 2008

FBA v0.2.96.80
Posted by neoforma
A big update to Sega's games sound and a bunch of other drivers which use similar sound cores. CPS-1 graphics emulation has been also corrected.

Get FBA from Barry's blog and be sure to update your roms to MAME v0.123u4.

11 Apr 2008

FBA v0.2.96.79
Posted by neoforma
Kaillera support removed from FBA and a couple of fixes to drivers.

Get it from Barry's blog.

11 Apr 2008

FBA v0.2.96.78
Posted by neoforma
FBA now supports some Mega Drive games, though it's still possible to use it as arcade-only emulator. Lots of fixes and new drivers added to the emulator.

Check the changelog and download the latest version from Barry's blog.

06 Apr 2008

Raine v0.50.12
Posted by neoforma
New bug fix release. According to changelog, Tux has fixed cave driver problems, 8bpp desktop problem and possible crashes when reseting a game.

Download the latest version from the official site.

05 Apr 2008

FBA v0.2.96.77
Posted by neoforma
Another update from Barry Harris. Taito Z driver has been added, so a bunch of new games are playable now. Some changes have been made to older drivers too and roms have been updated to MAME v0.124u1.