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25 Mar 2008

FBA v0.2.96.76
Posted by neoforma
New release from Barry Harrys and FBA team. Some updates to older drivers and a completely new driver for games on Tumble Pop bootleg hardware. As always, don't forget to update your roms.

25 Mar 2008

MAME v0.124a
Posted by neoforma
Not much to talk about in terms of changes, but Aaron has fixed a major regression in MAME.

'This update supplants the previous release. If you downloaded a binary previously, you’ll need to grab a new one.'

Also updated source is available at MAMEDev.

24 Mar 2008

MAME v0.124
Posted by neoforma
A huge update to MAME has been release earlier this day. If you haven't been following MAME progress last month, there is a new bug report system called Mantis which is far more useful than the old one.

Aaron made some great job on cleaning up the source and also there were lots of new games added. Be sure to take a look at changelog to see if some work has been done on your favorite oldie, because many MAME developers had contributed their work to this release.

Grab the latest binary (and source) at

Update: Haze wrote at MAMEWorld forums that 'the YM2203 is broken, which affects almost 500 games.'

15 Mar 2008

Raine v0.50.11
Posted by neoforma
Since cave driver was broken and new GUI was a bit buggy, Tux made a quick bugfix.

Get you Raine in the regular place.

13 Mar 2008

Raine v0.50.10
Posted by neoforma
Tux did it again. Check the changelog for Neoraine as it gets most of the attention (again). It's a bugfix release, so don't hold your breath.

Downloads are available at Raine website.

13 Mar 2008

FBA v0.2.96.75
Posted by neoforma
Barry Harris has released an update to FBA. It includes seven new drivers, a couple of clones of older games and an updated pacman driver. Be sure to update your romsets.

Get FBA from Barry's blog.

12 Mar 2008

Raine v0.50.9
Posted by neoforma
Another day, another Raine release. This is a bug fix release, no new features added. Neoraine (Raine + Neo-Geo CD emulation) gets most of the attention right now, so check its changelog to get the idea of what was actually fixed in Raine.

07 Mar 2008

Raine v0.50.8
Posted by neoforma
And again there is new Raine release. This time Tux has fixed an old bug which made Linux and Windows saves incompatible. Also Raine now handles correctly URLs in history.dat, screenshots directory isn't hardcoded anymore.

For the full list of changes and the latest version be sure to check official site.