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31 Oct 2007

Mjolnir v0.4
Posted by neoforma
Mjolnir has arrived. Phil released another update to his Namco System 21/22 emulator a couple of hours ago. The best news is that Solvalou is fixed and playable now. Some fixes were made to other games too.

15 Oct 2007

MAME v0.120
Posted by neoforma
Only three days ago there was an update and now there is a full version. The most interesting part is a new 64-bit version for those who have a modern PC. Most games run as in 32-bit version, but some other run about 10-15% faster, so you might want to try it.

Also be sure to update your Neo-Geo roms, because they changed a lot.

13 Oct 2007

Mjolnir v0.3.1
Posted by neoforma
Another update. Full screen wasn't working as intended, so it was fixed again. Also some fixes were made to Prop Cycle textures.

13 Oct 2007

Mjolnir v0.3
Posted by neoforma
Phil Stroffolino has released a new version of Mjolnir. Full screen support added, some bugfixes made. Looks like Starblade can be finished now.

06 Oct 2007

OldSpark C++
Posted by neoforma
Bruno Vedder has released second public version of his emulator for Windows and Linux.

Currently it supports only 13 games such as Pac-Man, Solomon's Key, Galaxian and a couple of clones.

03 Oct 2007

Mjolnir v0.2
Posted by neoforma
Phil has released the second version of his System 21, System 22 and Super System 22 emulator. It's built upon MAME v0.100, so it should be faster than modern MAME versions.

It supports 27 sets such as Starblade, Alpine Racer, Prop Cycle, a couple of Ridge Racers and some other games.

01 Oct 2007

Mjolnir v0.1
Posted by neoforma
Phil Stroffolino has released his long-awaited Namco System 21 and Namco System 22 emulator, but unfortunately there was a bug in it and so he unreleased it.

Since Phil was able to reproduce this bug, there will be a new release soon (hopefully). His emulator will run games faster than MAME and make them playable on current high-end PCs.