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13 Sep 2007

MAME v0.119
Posted by neoforma
Finally it's here. There were several regressions along the way, but Aaron fixed most of them in v0.118u6, so there shouldn't be any problems with this release.

In the other news, some new clones added and decryption keys for the last dumped CPS-2 games are found by Nicola Salmoria and David Haywood.

01 Sep 2007

CPX3 v1.0a
Posted by neoforma
A little bit late to inform anyone interested, but still it's better late than never. ElSemi has released CPX3 (CPS 3 emulator for Xbox), so now Xbox owners (not Xbox 360, but the original one) can play CPS3 games too.

No links provided since it's made with XDK, but you'll be able to find the emulator mostly everywhere.