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21 Aug 2007

JEmu2 v4.1
Posted by neoforma
I'm quite sure the new version was posted today, even though the date shows August 29.

Some fixes are made and Out Run driver added. Try to beat other people's highscore online.

05 Aug 2007

MAME v0.118
Posted by neoforma
This one is a week earlier than might be expected. There are major changes in core and virtually no new games added. There is even minimalistic menu, so it would be easier for new users to start using MAME and stop asking questions why MAME is a DOS program.

Go straight to MAMEDev and start testing.

03 Aug 2007

FBA v0.2.96.72
Posted by neoforma
Even though Barry says that list of changes isn't exhaustive, in reality it's quite long. There are many new drivers and games added, so you wouldn't want to miss it. Be sure to check Barry's blog for the full list of changes and downloads.

FBA official site is down again.