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15 Jul 2007

Capcom Play System 3 Emulator v1.0a
Posted by neoforma
ElSemi has fixed some nasty bugs in CPS3 emulation (like Alt versions of SFIII 3rd Strike and JoJo's Venture CHDs not loading at all), so be sure to check it.

This version is fully compatible with the romset of v1.0.

10 Jul 2007

MAME v0.117
Posted by neoforma
Logiqx has already made a datafile while I was excited about TinyMAME finally being fixed and ridden of Poly-Play.

CPS-3 is finished, Neo-Geo driver is updated and MAME is going to be emulated in MAME (some day).

08 Jul 2007

Capcom Play System 3 Emulator v1.0
Posted by neoforma
ElSemi released final version of his CPS-3 Emulator. It emulates transparencies (sort of, not the actual thing) and CHDs. If anyone is still curious about the differences between CHD and no CHD games — there are none. Only the loading time. CHDs take much more time to boot.

Andreas made a post with CPS-3 keys on June 9. It took a month to emulate everything.

07 Jul 2007

Raine v0.50.5
Posted by neoforma
Raine is not finished yet!

Emmanuel has released a new version just today. It fixes some of the problems of previous version, adds hiscore support for some of the games and makes small changes to how the scanlines work.