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January 2007

Wednesday 24 January

How many arcade news can you get?
Posted by pi at at 10:18PM [GMT]
After the return of one of the FBA Team members, and getting a much needed update, Barry Harris has released another version: FBA This one is only a bug-fix release, correcting bugs with GUI and sound, and adding yet another SF2CE clone. What's interesting is that he has a preliminary System 16A driver in the works, so I suspect that he has another release planned for quite soon...

Friday 19 January

We've not finished yet
Posted by pi at at 6:05PM [GMT]
Apparently the last releases still had bugs, so here you have RAINE 0.50.1. Besides some improvements regarding smart screen size choices and other bugs cleared out, they've added also the nice Multipac 1.5 rom.

And you thought the arcade sk3n3 was dead, well, now one of the members of the FBA Team got the emulation bug again, and released FBA, with unicode and non-unicode binaries besides the source. This is a huge update which brings FBA up to modern times; including the CPS2 decryption algorithm, a big lot of new games and complete clone sets, matching roms with MAME, fixed long-standing bugs... The list is quite big. While Mr. Harris doesn't promise more releases, at least FBA has been updated and can remain up-to-date for a while more.

Tuesday 16 January

It's raining emus
Posted by pi at at 8:29PM [GMT]
After a couple of prereleases, Tux has released RAINE 0.50.0-2 Final. Bugs have ironed out, GUI has been polished, and what we have now is a fine-tuned and quick emulator which predates the previous versions. While there's still work ahead, the amount of changes and improvements is quite impressive, and for us retro-retrogamers and owners of ghetto-PC's, a great choice. I still use RAINE for quite a lot of games which run a bit heavy on MAME, so if you haven't tried RAINE yet, do so.