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August 2006

Sunday 27 August

El arcade virtual
Posted by pi at at 10:54AM [BST]
Erik Duijs released yesterday JEmu2 v3.7, and introduced the new VirtuArcade concept. You can see VirtuArcade as a 3D frontend for JEmu2. It's not just some models of cabinets arranged, every game shown is being emulated in their screens, up to 20 at once. You choose what machine you want to play while you're seeing it working. Of course there are other enhancements for the emu, but today's feature is VirtuArcade. Note that the first run might take a while to load.

Thursday 24 August

Modelling the games
Posted by pi at at 11:13AM [BST]
ElSemi has released Model 2 Emulator v0.3 after 2 years without updates for it, and almost a year without any update from him. He says that almost all changes are related to speed, so it should be faster. There's also a mention to a stop in development until documentation for Model 2 and 2A arises, so unless someone reverse-engineers the TGP chip...

Monday 21 August

The day after (II)
Posted by pi at at 10:30AM [BST]
Yesterday MAME 0.108 was released, and binaries should be available there and in Looking at the changelog tells us that there were lots of fixes in the new rendering system (that means you didn't test enough in the 107 cycle!) There's also a new generic output system which allows external applications to know about the game state from MAME. While the amount of added games is small, the number of fixes and enhancements is quite large. Have a good one.

Wednesday 16 August

It's raining bugs
Posted by pi at at 11:00AM [BST]
Yesterday, RAINE 0.43.4 was released. This is mainly a maintenance version, but IMHO with enough good reasons to make it worth it to be up-to-date. Some sets have been changed to match MAME, so a diff set should be smaller. There are a bunch of bugfixes, and the announcement that there will not be DOS binaries anymore (but you still have the ability to compile by yourself). Good gaming.

Sunday 13 August

The night after
Posted by pi at at 11:34AM [BST]
Erik Duijs has released JEmu2 3.6. This new version has a playable Space Harrier, although it doesn't have sound yet and background is missing. There are several fixes around, some more sound for games and sample support. Enjoy.

Friday 11 August

And now with more bang!
Posted by pi at at 9:53AM [BST]
Some days ago, and completely unnoticed for me, Kawaks 1.56 was released. It's kind of a maintenance update, where all the remaining official games in the NeoGeo system have been added, from Metal Slug 5 to SNK vs. Capcom. There are also some more CPS clones, and fixes on rom names to match MAME. Nevertheless, a good update for the completists out there.

Saturday 5 August

Online goodness
Posted by pi at at 8:53AM [BST]
Erik Duijs has released JEmu2 3.5. This time there is a lot of new and changed things. For example, he has merged all three frontends so MSX, SMS and arcade games are accessible from the same point. Better sound system, less memory used, fixes for some games, and other stuff. He has also added Strike Fighter, so this is an excellent release.