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July 2006

Monday 24 July

Wow, two news in a day!
Posted by pi at at 8:33PM [BST]
Erik Duijs has released JEmu2 3.4. This version includes full emulation of the Sega Y-Board games, like Galaxy Force 2, G-Loc, Rail Chase and the popular Power Drift (cool game which was apparently too hard for me in the cockpit). There seem to be some glitches but the thing is working beautifully already. Enjoy.

Mr. Giles is on fire
Posted by pi at at 5:48PM [BST]
I'm proud to announce the release of MAME 0.107 "If it doesn't work, it's because you didn't test it enough". The name says it all, even the whatsnew.txt says that if you have problems, you should report at Of course, the big deal this time is the complete rewrite of the rendering system, which is still in testing phase although the major bugs should be out and it's much more functional than the earlier system. Multiple physical screens, for example. An easy way to manage multiscreen games through layouts is provided and already works beautifully.

If all that is not enough, you can see that there have been many fixes to old drivers too, including some rewrites from scratch to classic drivers and games. Maybe there's not much in the "new" department, but the oldies got a load of great treatment. In any case, get the official Windows binaries at, and read the changelog, this time you really should.

Sunday 16 July

The time machine
Posted by pi at at 8:27PM [BST]
JAPE 0.2 has been released. 0.1 was released too. The difference is that one comprises almost all features from MAME 0.1, while the other is the more/less port/version of MAME 0.2. Java source and binaries available.

Tuesday 4 July

Jet anoder hava progect
Posted by pi at at 2:17PM [BST]
There are some news about JAPE 0.1 WIP. Apparently it's done by Gollum, in yet another Java project. This is a more or less direct port or rewrite of MAME 0.1, the very first version, with only 5 games. He says it's almost finished so we should expect a release soon. Thanks to Dalthon for noticing it.

Saturday 1 July

Missiles out!
Posted by pi at at 8:46PM [BST]
After some time without news, Erik Duijs has released JEmu2 3.3. It has support for AfterBurner II, which is *great*, although he warns about the requirements of it since it's not optimized yet. Anyway these are good news, AfterBurner II is an old favorite of mine, but nothing beats playing in the cockpit...