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April 2006

Friday 14 April

Do the cheat
Posted by pi at at 1:00PM [BST]
After 2 years, and again in April, there's an update at Pugsy's MAME Cheat Page. Update? No, I mean massive update, we're talking more than 20 MAME versions since that last update, with cheats checked and renewed. Great!

While I'm here, I'd also like to mention this Space Invaders Emulator v0.2 for Nintendo DS. The DS also has emulators!

Tuesday 4 April

The spanish version of the english version
Posted by pi at at 4:33PM [BST]
Finally, after almost 2 months, MAME 0.105 has been released. You can get the official Windows binaries at, and notice they're not compressed with UPX anymore. The amount of core changes is very big, you can check them in the changelog, if you've not been aware in this long u cycle (up to u9). There have been many fixes to old bugs, and some new games made their way. Including Trivial Pursuit (Spanish Edition) thanks to Manuel Abadia ^_^