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March 2006

Monday 20 March

St. Patrick's Edition
Posted by pi at at 11:48AM [GMT]
Erik has released JEmu2 3.0, which I call "St. Patrick's Edition". The main change in this new version is the addition of Sega Master System, with support for online high scores in seven of them. Enjoy!

Tuesday 7 March

Posted by pi at at 8:25PM [GMT]
Too bad, StarROMs closes its doors. It means that the one and only current dealer of legal ROMs for selling is stopping activities after more than 2 years. I hope others continue where they left, and I wish good luck in any endeavour to the brave business men who founded StarROMs.

Monday 6 March

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Legal ROMs
Posted by pi at at 6:14PM [GMT]
There's an arcade game which has been released as free (and for non-commercial usage) at As Aaron explains, the author of Alien Arena has decided to release this creation which was essentially homebrew in its nature. But homebrew arcade games weren't so common back in 1984! Maybe not the best game ever, but a little piece of arcade history and a completely legal ROM to download and enjoy.

Sunday 5 March

The late night Douglas Adams' show
Posted by pi at at 4:33PM [GMT]
Erik has released JEmu2 2.3. This new version has the ability to be played as an applet, if you want. The other improvements are MSX related, with a few more games and better MSX-2 support (that's deluxe, you know).