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December 2006

Sunday 31 December

Another year is gone...
Posted by pi at at 2:53PM [GMT]
So 2006 is almost finished, and maybe some of you, while you read this, are already in 2007. I, on behalf of the CAESAR team, want to wish you a fun and safe entrance in the upcoming year, and a Happy New Year in uppercase, fireworks and THX sound. Remember to drink with moderation(*) and that no means no!

(*) To drink with moderation means that each five or six drinks, rest a few minutes.

Saturday 30 December

So, the emusk3n3 is not dead...
Posted by pi at at 7:11PM [GMT]
Well, Tux released yesterday RAINE 0.50.0 Pre-Release 1, a kind of preview for the upcoming and heavily revamped RAINE, a personal favorite of mine. While this release is not complete, it has the main changes already implemented: a totally new graphics rendering system, different input methods, and a lot more, all specified in the post in the main page and in the changelog. Beware that the GUI can't alter yet all the new configuration options, specially in the inputs, so you'll have to tinker with config files by hand. A preview only for the brave!

Thursday 14 December

I was looking at another place...
Posted by pi at at 2:04PM [GMT]
It seems that MAME 0.111 has been released, without no one telling me. Source and binaries are available there and in The changelog includes the new CPS2 decryption tables for a few games (a step forward the proper emulation of this encryption), and LaserDisc support. This alone makes all the other changes to look smaller than they are... Beware of your hard disk with these new CHDs!