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October 2005

Monday 31 October

Nicholas & Thomas
Posted by pi at at 1:23PM [GMT]
Erik has released JEmu2 1.8. The main features of this release are a new 68k core (supposedly better, I guess) and the addition of Snow Bros., one of my all-time favorite platformers. He has also released CottAGE 1.6, which is not available yet in the official site, but you can get it in the JEmu2 page (above) with some notes about it.

Saturday 22 October

The return of the CottAGE
Posted by pi at at 1:59PM [BST]
Erik has released JEmu2 1.7. This new version raises the total number of games up to 50. There are 12 new games like Eyes, Ponpoko and Van-Van Car. So now it has 20 games with hi-scores and 22 with full sound, not bad with an emulator with that name ^_^ He is also announcing a CottAGE release very soon.

Monday 17 October

Solomon & Dangerous
Posted by pi at at 7:47PM [BST]
Gollum wrote me about the CottAGE/PotatoMulti front. There's a first version you can try at the Game-Oldies site. This first version has 54 games, including the newly supported Commando and Solomon's Key. And I'd also like to mention xrick, a rewrite of the Rick Dangerous engine. One of my favorite platformers of all time. Great!

Saturday 15 October

Strange fishes in the aquarium
Posted by pi at at 11:47AM [BST]
Erik has released JEmu2 1.6.2. While it still has the same old name, and doesn't have any new game supported, this version has added the famous "fishbowl effect". It's a 3D rendering of the screen deformed to look like the good old curved arcade screens. You can check how it looks in this post, or better, you can try it by yourself visiting his site.

Monday 10 October

2 weeks earlier than I expected
Posted by pi at at 7:29AM [BST]
Yesterday it was released MAME 0.101 "Namco FL and DBZ VRVS". Binaries are ready and the changelog is there too. Source code and documentation also at as usual. Along the usual updates and additions, you get Dragonball Z V.R.V.S. working (ugh), and also Golden Axe - The Duel. Worth noting is also the new automatic state saving and loading, which allows you to mimic the behaviour of never turning off the game, saving hi-scores and allowing for time-released features and stuff. Will this be the demise of hiscore.dat? Probably. A good release but still too early for my bday ^_^

Monday 3 October

Double moka with cpscream
Posted by pi at at 5:21AM [BST]
I received two news about updated Java emus in a very short period of time, maybe it's a sign of the good shape of the Java side of emulation, or maybe it's just coincidence... In any case, Gollum told me about more PotatoMulti news, you can see more Z80 based games in the WIP page, like Black Tiger, the Donkey Kong saga and some Lode Runners among others. They're polishing the emulator for an inminent release, so be ready. And Erik Duijs just released JEmu2 1.6.1. No new games, but now you have configurable input (a really useful feature in any emulator), and a faster CPS1 driver.

Saturday 1 October

Thanks for everything
Posted by pi at at 10:27AM [BST]
After years of hard work in The Dumping Project, Mr. Goodwraith has decided to retire. I want to express my deepest thanks for his work on finding and preserving really rare stuff in danger of disappearing. And why not, also for getting more cool games to play ^_^ Now the MAME Targets was substituted this same week by The Wanted Dumps List managed by The Guru, and you can still donate to The Dumping Project as usual.